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How do I log in to your account

How do I log in to your account

How do I log in to your account through someone else's computer?

We'll show you how to perform such an action, the focus on the example of modern Internet-based services.

You will need

  • Have your login and password or email address to which the account has been registered.



Which service would not treat accountsthey all share one? any types of accounts stored in itself or that the information is protected from unauthorized persons to certain security features. The most common method today, resorting to which you can protect your account? ask for her name, and the password to access its contents. Next we will talk about how to log in to your account using the username and password.


Login, or in other words, in the name of the accountmost cases, the user sets their own. Some automated services, as login, when the user logs define their email address. Password is set by the user himself. When entering the account of a service, it is necessary to enter username and password. When logging in, you mistakenly enter the information, the system will notify you about it and requests to re-enter the required data. If you have forgotten your username or password, this case provides the system prompts.


The hint system is all kindsicon is displayed where the auxiliary information that you entered when registering the account. For some, for example, as a hint to the first character of your password, while others are administered only to them known symbol combinations. Thus, the tooltip window helps you to access your account. If such a possibility does not help you get connected to the recording, in which case you should contact your system administrator responsible for a particular service.

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