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How to log in to your account


How to log in to your account</a>

How do I log in to an account with someone else's computer?

We'll tell you how you can perform such an action, focusing on the example of modern Internet services.

You will need

  • The presence of login and password or the email address to which the account was registered.



To whatever service accounts are considered,All of them are united by one? Any types of accounts store in themselves some information that is protected from unauthorized people by certain means of security. The most common way to date, using which you can secure your account? Specify a name for it, as well as a password to access its contents. Next, we'll talk about how to log in to your account using your login and password.


Login, or in other words, the account name inIn most cases, the user sets himself. Some automated services, as a login, determine the address of his e-mail when registering a user. The password is set by the user. When you log in to an account of a service, you just need to enter your login and password. If you enter, you mistakenly enter information, the system notifies you of this and asks to re-enter the necessary data. If you forget your login or password, a prompt system is provided for this case.


The system of tips represents all possibleIcons where the auxiliary information that you entered when registering the account is displayed. So some, for example, use the first symbols of their password as a hint, while others introduce only known combinations of symbols. Thus, the help window helps you gain access to your account. If this feature does not help you log in to connect to the record, in this case you should contact the system administrator responsible for this or that service.

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