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How to find out if a dvd writer is writing or not

How to find out if a dvd writer is writing or not</a>

Very often, users of personal computers are faced with the problem of burning DVDs.

First of all, this is due to the lack of additional software in the operating systems of Windows XP and earlier versions.

Also, the drive may simply not support the write function.

You will need

  • - Internet access-
  • - programs for recording, for example, Nero or any other convenient for you.



Look at the front panel of the drive:, It should be written DVD-R / DVD-RW. If the first option is written, this means that the drive can only read the disks, and not write them. The RW label stands for ReWritable, which means that it can also record information.


On the front panel of the drive can not always beThe full marking is indicated, it is best to check it in the device manager. To do this, open "My Computer", click on the space free from the shortcuts right-click, select "Properties". You will have a new window with several tabs, open the "Hardware".


On the top right, you will see the button "Dispatcher"Devices ", click on it and view the list of available hardware in the configuration of your computer. Find your drive there, rewrite the name of the model. Open a web browser, use the search to find information about your existing drive, the best place to look at the manufacturer's website. There will be specified all the options, including the ability to burn DVD-ROM.


An operating system is installed on your computer.System Windows XP, then for recording discs will not be enough standard applications of the operating system, so use third-party software, such as Nero or CD Burner XP. They are simple enough to work with an intuitive interface and contain all the necessary settings that you can use to burn discs. Also in them you can see the parameters of your drive, its model and recording capabilities. It is best to use licensed copies of programs downloaded from official websites of manufacturers.

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