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How do I know the video card memory

How do I know the video card memory

In modern computers, video card? One of the main elements.

Especially the video card and its power is important for gamers, artists and photographers. Video or video processor is responsible for handling graphics, textures and different visual load.

Learn its volume in several ways.



If you have a Windows XP operating system,right-click on the desktop, then select? display settings ?,? options? and? video card ?. The string? Use video memory? - This is the memory card. Here you can also find a line like? Available Graphics Memory? - This option adds the physical video memory with a virtual system video memory, which is much weaker than the physical, but the CPU and RAM is allocated to improve the graphics in gaming and video editing.


Your operating system? Windows Vista or Windows 7? Right-click on the desktop, the pop-up list, select the? Screen Resolution ?, go to? Additional settings ?. Next you will see a line similar to Windows XP.


Good if you need to know the total volumevideo memory, ie, shared memory graphics card (the physical video memory, the manufacturer, plus a virtual, which is typically 2-2.5 times more physical). Click? Start? on the desktop, select? All programs ?,? Standard ?. There you will find a shortcut? Run ?. Press it, and in the appeared prompt, type? Dxdiag? (Without the quotes), then press? OK ?. PC DirectX Diagnostic Tool will appear.
Click the? Screen ?, and you will see the result. Here it is DirectX-features of your video card, so that you can learn how to date your video card with respect to graphics acceleration, as well as other useful information about the video card driver.

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