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How do I know the version of the program

How to find software version

Any software product has its own numerical designation that indicates when it was created, which components are included in its composition.

This identifier is called version of the product.

Check the version of the program in several ways.



To find out which version of the program, run itconventional manner. Wait for a full load. Select the top menu bar select "Help" or "FAQ". In the drop-down menu, scroll to the "About" (or a string with the name of the open application) and click the left mouse button. In the window you will see the information you need.


If the program does not provide a menu bar,navigate to the directory where you saved the program. Select the startup file of the program (.exe), and click on its icon, right-click. In the drop-down menu, select "Properties" and click on it with any mouse button - a dialog box opens. Click the "Version" and get the necessary information. Do not confuse himself with his file icon shortcut icon (for example, located on the desktop).


To find the operating system version,installed on your computer, through the "Start" menu go to "Control Panel". In the "Performance and Maintenance" category, select "System" icon. If the panel is in Classic view, click the icon once - opens a dialog box. Click the "General" - the information you need is contained in the first section. This window can be open and the method described in the previous step.


If you need to know the version of DirectX,call the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. To do this through the "Start" menu call the command "Run". On a blank line of the dialog box, type dxdiag, without spaces or quotation marks, and press OK or Enter key. Wait until the Diagnostic Tool has finished collecting data. DirectX version is contained in the "System" tab. To get information on the version of the graphics driver, go to the "Display".

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