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How to know version of the file

How do I find the file version

Even on a normal home computer is several programs at once.

Each program performs certain functions. Each file has its place, has a name, weight (size) and a version.

Files are measured in KB, MB, GB, and other less popular terms, but what version of the file and how to find it?



Typically, the data of all the files contained in their properties. Just click on any icon with the program & nbsp-right mouse button, review the information contained in paragraph properties of the object.


To find out which version of the program, click on the icon,to the right in the upper corner of the program window. The version will be available & nbsp- title. Find out versions of files from the documents supplied with the software & nbsp-Note -. Version will coincide only in the case if you do not install the update packages.


The version of the updated files can be obtained usingdialog box "Add or Remove Programs». & nbsp- To obtain data on the version of the file, click the "Start" button, find the option "Control Panel". Click the option "Add or Remove Programs." A new window opens with a list of installed programs.


To check the file version, click on the line with the name of the program and click the option "To support information, click here." In the window that displays the & nbsp- information about the file version.


Find the version of the file yet another way.& Nbsp- To locate this file, the main product. Installation path prescribed in the information about the file. Click the right mouse button on the icon of the program, in line path may contain such data: Program files / Microsoft / Office / Office 2003. Names of executable files can end in exe & nbsp-or dll.


To find a file, use the button "Start"click the "Find". In the Search Companion find a line "Files and Folders". In the search box, enter the file name you want to find. The result will appear after a few seconds in a list file. Select the program you want and click on it with the right mouse button, scroll to the properties. This window has several tabs, including the tab "Version". It contains the version of the file installed on your computer program.

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