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How do I know the version of Kaspersky

How do I know the version of Kaspersky

Kaspersky Anti-Virus - is a leading domestic utility to protect your computer from viruses, Trojans and unauthorized access to your PC.

Designed in the "Kaspersky Lab" antivirus includes not only the product of the KAV, but KIS (Internet Security), which protects your Internet connection.



Kaspersky Anti Virus, Kaspersky Crystal, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Open Space Security, and other laboratory products Kaspersky have many revisions (versions). Came into being as a paid product is designed for private and corporate PC users in 1997, the antivirus program is updated several times a year, and its base almost every captures per day leads to the fact that the numbering of versions of antivirus Kaspersky It has a complex structure, for example, 11. 0.1.25 - where 11 - is the version number of the antivirus 0.1 - Editorial, 25 - still one of the internal revision. Change the first number usually indicates a global shift in software averages - small innovations, the last day - the elimination of bugs and problems in the program.


To read the full version number you are using anti-virus KasperskyMove your mouse cursor over the symbol Kaspersky (The letter "K" of red and black element) in the tray. Trey is usually located in the lower right corner of the screen - this is the place where the current time. In the pop-up window, in addition to the full version number of the program, you will find information about the product name - KAV or of KIS, as well as the date of release of the database that are installed on your computer.


To do this, open the main domestic anti-virus window Kaspersky and in the left bottom link get"Support". Click on the link and then in the section "System Information", "Software Version" in the line, you'll find the information you need. To close this window, click "Close", and then close the main application window Kaspersky click on the icon, the standard "x" at the top of the window.

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