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How to find out the tax debt

How do I find tax debt

We know that taxes must be paid. But what if you sold a car or an apartment, and are not sure what exactly the amount you need to pay as a tax.

Taxes payable can be found without leaving your computer.



Since December 7, 2009. every citizen of the Russian Federation has the opportunity to know their tax liabilities through the Internet.


You should go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia at www.nalog.ru and go to one of the links? Legal entities?,? Individuals? or? self-employed? depending on the status of your taxpayer. Consider working in the system as an example? Individual ?. You should click on the link? Personal taxpayer account? and fill in all required fields: VAT number, surname, first name and region. Be sure to include a digital code located to the right? without it, the system can not process your request. Click on the right button? Find ?.


A few moments later you'll get a list of your debts with an indication of the type of tax, the amount and the date on which the report is generated.
Do not be sad if the system is in response to yourrequest will issue a notice? Not Found ?. It just means that you have tax arrears to the state does not. If, however, proved to be in front of you a list of debts, see what you can do next.


Now you can, without leaving his personalTaxpayer's office to print a receipt for payment of taxes. To do this, press the button at the bottom right? To generate ?, pre-ticking required to pay the tax. On the same page, select the check box? Put the address in the payment document? and enter in this field is the address of permanent residence. After you press the? Form ?, open a new page with a receipt for the payment. You just have to print the payment document and pay for it in any convenient for you branch. If you do not have a printer, simply save a received fax document on the flash drive and print on another computer connected to the printer.

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