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How to find computer settings


How to find computer settings</a>

Often users are interested in the parametersComputer, for which they have to work. After buying a particular program, the cover of the drive always lists the system requirements that are necessary for its normal operation.

Many parameters can be recognized using the diagnostic tools built into the operating system.



Click "Start" - "Settings" - "PanelManagement ". In the window that opens, locate the "System" tab and double click on it with the left mouse button. The "System Properties" window opens. The same window can be opened by right-clicking on the "My Computer" tab and selecting "Properties" from the drop-down menu.
Click the General tab. On this tab you can find the following computer settings: the amount of RAM, the name and frequency of the processor, as well as the operating system installed on the computer.


Switch to the Hardware tab. On this tab, click "Device Manager". Here you can find out more detailed information. In the section "Video adapters" you can find out the name and the manufacturer of your video card, in the "Network Cards" section you can see the number and model of network cards of the computer. The "Disk Devices" directory lists your physical hard drives connected to the computer.


Close the Device Manager and the Properties window.System. Click Start - Run. In the line for entering commands, type "Dxdiag" and press Enter. The launched diagnostics utility directx will supplement the information on the parameters of the computer with the BIOS version information, the swap file, provide comprehensive information about the video adapter and sound card, and allow their rapid check.

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