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How do I know the diameter

How do I know the diameter

Diameter? a line that connects two points of the curved shape and thus passes through its center.

In applied problems are often required to find the diameter of a circle or sphere.

Diameter of circle can be found on its radius, length and area of ​​a circle.

The diameter of the ball are radially volume and surface area.



Diameter a circle or a sphere, if we know their radii, can be found in the knowledge that the diameter is two times the radius. Thus, for finding the radial diameter, the radius must be multiplied by two:
D = 2 * R, where R? figure range.


Diameter circumference, if we know its length, can be found from the formula:
D = L / pi where L? circumference, pi? constant approximately equal to 3.14.


Diameter circle if its known area can be found by the formula:
D = 2 * (S / pi) ^ 1/2, where S? area of ​​a circle.


Diameter ball, if known, its volume can be found by using the formula:
D = (6V / pi) ^ 1/3, where V? the volume of a sphere.


If the known surface area of ​​the ball, its diameter can be determined by the formula:
D = (S / pi) ^ 1/2, where S? the surface area of ​​the ball.

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