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How to know the diameter


How to know the diameter</a>

The diameter? This is a line that connects two points of a curvilinear figure and at the same time passes through its center.

In applications, you often need to find the diameter of a circle or a ball.

The diameter of the circle can be found by its radius, length and area of ​​the circle.

The diameter of the ball is found by the radius, volume and surface area.



Diameter Circle or sphere, if their radii are known, one can find, knowing that the diameter is twice the radius. Thus, to find the diameter along the radius, we must multiply the radius by two:
D = 2 * R, where R? Radius of the figure.


Diameter Circle, if its length is known, can be found from the formula:
D = L / pi, where L? Circumference, pi? A constant of approximately 3.14.


Diameter Circle, if its area is known, can be found by the formula:
D = 2 * (S / pi) ^ 1/2, where S? area of ​​a circle.


Diameter Ball, if its volume is known, can be found using the formula:
D = (6V / pi) ^ 1/3, where V? The volume of the ball.


If the surface area of ​​the sphere is known, its diameter can be determined by the formula:
D = (S / pi) ^ 1/2, where S? The surface area of ​​the sphere.

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