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How do I know the computer memory

Window? System ?, which contains information about the memory.

Under computer memory usually refers to eitherRAM (working memory) or a hard disk size (storage memory). From the first it depends on the speed and capacity of the computer, but on a second? the amount of information that can be recorded to a computer.

Memory is measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB), where and how to see them, see below.



Memory (RAM, RAM).

Click? Start ?. Right-click on the icon? Computer ?. Before you open the console? System ?, it lists the main features of your computer, including the amount of RAM. In Windows Vista, this inscription is as follows: Memory (RAM): 1024 MB ?.


The capacity of the hard drive (hard drive, screw, hard).

Click? Start ?. Go to the? My Computer ?. Before you open a window with a list of hard (local) drive of your computer. Under each of them written by its size. If the signature is not available, hover your mouse on a disk image, you will be prompted.

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