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How to learn the memory of a computer


Window? System ?, containing information about RAM.</a>

Computer memory is usually understood as eitherRAM (working memory) or the size of the hard disk (storage memory). From the first depends on the speed and power of the computer, and on the second? The amount of information that can be written to the computer.

Memory is measured in megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB), where and how to see them read below.




Click the "Start" button. Right-click the "Computer" icon. Before you open the console? System ?, it lists the main characteristics of your computer, including the size of RAM. In Windows Vista, this label looks like this:? Memory (RAM): 1024 MB ?.


The capacity of the hard drive (hard drive, screw, hard).

Click the "Start" button. Go to "My Computer". Before you open a window with a list of hard (local) drives of your computer. Under each of them, its size is written. If there is no signature, hover over the images of the disk, a hint appears.

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