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How do I know the city on a mobile phone number

How do I know the city on a mobile phone number

It happens that on your mobile phone user sees an unfamiliar number.

This is a simple set of numbers, but it is hidden a lot of interesting information to determine not only the caller's personal data, but also its location.



Discover the region and the city of your mobile phone numberphone. Go to the web page "Codes of mobile operators in Russia", which is located on SpravkaRU.Net site. & Nbsp-This phone book that allows you to determine which operator and the region belongs to the specified number. To do this, enter the three-digit code and seven-digit phone number. On the site, there are codes of mobile operators on areas and regions of the country. In addition, there is information and some other countries.


Visit GSMInform site.& Nbsp-You can define a city code in the cell phone number. Enter the full number in international format in the search box. Click on the "Enter" key and you will be given the necessary information, ie the place of registration and operator.


Use the online resource Rus-poisk.com.& Nbsp-however, this service provides only paid service. But you really interested to help in the search for information on cell phone numbers. You can check your first mobile phone on the credibility of the information issued by a company employee. Maybe you'll get not only the city, but also the name and exact address.

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