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How do I know the amount of tax

How do I know the amount of tax

Individuals? citizens of the Russian Federation are the payers of certain taxes, with the obligation to pay the majority of which are facing a year.

The peculiarity of the tax on personal incomelies in the fact that his payers are all natural persons who receive income in the Russian Federation, and tax agents, directly carrying out the transfer of the amount of tax to the budget system, are employers - legal entities.



The tax rate on personal income is13%. So, to find out the amount of tax that you pay monthly, multiply your salary by 0.13. To avoid possible confusion, keep in mind that this tax is calculated on the salary set by the employment contract or pay scale, that is, they are subject to the so-called? White? part of the salary.


Calculation of transport tax occursmore complicated. The taxable base for it is the power of the vehicle engine, measured in horsepower. At the same time, the principle: the higher the power, the higher the tax rate. To find out the amount of tax, multiply the amount of horsepower your car forces in the corresponding tax rate. Keep in mind that the transportation tax applies to the regional tax, and therefore rates are approved in every region of the Russian Federation regional authorities.


Land tax is a local tax. His rates are established as stable payments per unit of land area. To find out the amount of tax and the current rate in the territory, where is your site, contact your local law. The easiest way to do this, call the tax office or examining the information on the website of the corresponding tax inspection.


Another of the most important taxespaid by individuals? is the property tax. This tax is also, like the land, is a local tax, which is credited to the local budgets. To find out the amount of property tax and the procedure for payment of the easiest, again, contact the tax office at the location of the property taxable.

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