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How to find out the tax amount


How to find out the tax amount</a>

Individuals? Citizens of the Russian Federation are payers of certain taxes, with the responsibility for payment of which the majority collides once a year.

The peculiarity of the tax on personal incomeIs that its payers are all individuals who receive income in the Russian Federation, and the tax agents that directly transfer the amounts of tax to the budget system are employers - legal entities.



The rate of personal income tax is13%. So, to find out the amount of tax that you pay each month, multiply your salary by 0.13. To avoid possible confusion, keep in mind that this tax is calculated from the salary established by the employment contract or tariff scale, that is, they are taxed with the so-called? White? Part of the salary.


Calculation of the transport tax isSomewhat more complicated. The taxable base for this is the engine power of the vehicle, measured in horsepower. At the same time, the principle is observed: the higher the power, the higher the tax rate. To find out the amount of tax, multiply the amount of horsepower of your car by the appropriate tax rate. Keep in mind that the transport tax is a regional tax, and therefore its rates are approved in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation by regional authorities.


Land tax is a local tax. Its rates are set as stable payments per unit of land area. To find out the amount of tax and the current rate on the territory where your site is located, consult your local law. The easiest way to do this is by calling the tax inspectorate or by reviewing the information on the website of the relevant tax inspection.


Another of the most important taxes thatPaid by individuals? This is a property tax. This tax, as well as land tax, is a local tax that is credited to local budgets. To find out the amount of property tax and the procedure for its payment, it is easiest, again, to apply to the tax inspectorate at the location of the property that is taxable.

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