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How do I know how much traffic is left

How do I know how much traffic is left

Probably every user internet knows that there are fees when you connect to the global web.

There is no limit and limit rates.

Limit tariffs characterized by a specific price for 1 MB of incoming traffic. And unlimited tariffs are divided into conditional and absolutely unlimited.

Conditionally unlimited include a certain number of free Internet traffic (for example, 30 GB per month).

Not to be trapped, it is necessary to monitor these values.

You will need

  • - Software that serves as a tool for monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic



Any ISP provides informationthe number of megabytes spent in the current month. But some providers have put the service in the user's personal account, while others did not. Thus, the latter constantly have to call technical support and, to put it mildly annoying about spent traffic.
In order that the user can monitor itindependently invented a lot of software. One such program is NetWorx. Convenient in all respects, it can display complete statistics for any time period: day, week, month, year.

How do I know how much traffic is left


Install software NetWorx. Install this tool goes the same way as the installation of another program. In each box, press the Next button. During installation, the program will prompt the basic steps for its launch. After installation, you need to add a window of statistics in the taskbar: Right-click a blank area of ​​the taskbar, select "Toolbar» - NetWorx Desk Band. After these manipulations, the panel is displayed next to Trey.

How do I know how much traffic is left


In addition to the panel of statistics will appear next to the clockprogram icon. Right-click on it, select "Statistics". Open the main program window. Depending on the desired time traffic tracking tab "Daily Report", "Weekly Report" or "Monthly Report".

If your tariff plan is setlimit of 50 GB, from time to time look into the tab "Monthly Report". When approaching the values ​​to 50 GB should reduce the amount of data downloaded.

How do I know how much traffic is left

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