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How to find out debts in GAI


Not every motorist conscientiously watches his fines.

The situation was aggravated with the appearance of cameras on the roads and the mailing of receipts by mail, which does not always reach the addressee.

Do not wait for the bailiffs at the doorstep, it is better to find out about your fines in advance and pay them.

You will need

  • - computer with access to the Internet-
  • - SNILS-
  • - state number of TC-
  • - driver's license.



To find out your Debts On fines of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, contact the districtA division of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, where you will be provided with full information about debts and write out receipts for payment. But there are ways to avoid direct contact with employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate by using the Internet.


When committing an administrative offenseOn the road, namely the violation of traffic rules, the traffic police officer is obliged to issue a protocol. If you know the amount of your fine, but lost the receipt, you can easily pay the debt by using the official site of the road inspection www.gibdd.ru. With this portal you can printA receipt with the relevant details, as well as obtain information about the division that imposed the penalty. In this case it is desirable to know the number of the resolution (but not necessarily).


If you do not know for sure about yourDebts to the traffic police, lost the receipt, forgot the amount of the fine, or the mail did not deliver the receipt to your house, go to the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services at www.gosuslugi.ru, Where you need to register. After registration you will have access to all your debts for administrative offenses in the field of traffic.


For residents of some regions of the Russian Federation there is a portal http://moishtrafi.ru (The list of subjects is small, but graduallyReplenished). On this site you can enter the number of the protocol, or the number of the driver's license and the number of the vehicle, and you will learn all your fines issued by the traffic police. This portal can be used not only by drivers, but also pedestrians, whose fines can also be found by entering some data.

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