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I heard myself

As their voices heard

Internal judge everyone has, the only differencethat he was in some cool and impartial, while others, on the contrary, soft and loyal. It is ironic, but the conversation with them is often the most difficult.

Usually, what we are trying to teach, most need to learn ourselves.

But sometimes the simplest questions are the most difficult.

We must start with understanding.



What is the spirit of contradiction? As corny as it may sound, but the feelings show us what our soul wants much earlier than we have time to think about it. The desire to argue or disagree has the same roots. As soon as there is a feeling that we are trying to impose their will, triggered self-preservation instinct and the defense program is included. On the other hand, when the proposed version coincides with internal needs and desires, we can easily go to the contact, to show a willingness to yield, and to support the idea. However, along with mundane everyday situations there are times when the need to do anyway is not due to our needs, and so as the word "must". Acting ordinary - well, but only on condition that you do not feel ordinary. Before making any decision, think about it, who cares, and who said that he should be so? Life will change only if at first you imagine it the way you want to see. Learn to say "no" to others, and life - "yes."


We always talk about what we want. The downside of the spirit of contradiction - is the desire to preserve the semblance of peace in any way. However, a bad peace is not always better than a good quarrel. One way or another, sooner or later there comes a boiling point, and that's when we give the whole truth. Then we wonder what it is we have found not only as a lunar eclipse, magnetic storms, high blood pressure, or should drink less? Everything is much simpler.
No one will never say what you do notHe thinks staying even when he was drunk. Christ said: "The wine enhances the soul." Just usually by virtue of education, we are silent about many things, hide and try to exercise leniency and courtesy. But what is hidden and suppressed, is not going anywhere. Negative emotions accumulate as interest on bank accounts, just waiting for the moment when you can get out. And then keep everything will be no mercy.
Tellingly, this gives a dischargetemporary relief to you and a lot of trouble to those who fell under the "hot hand". Keep all in itself harmful. Any situation, not being lived, will be repeated again and again. Learn how to correctly express their thoughts, communicate to your opponent's point of view. In this case, you will be more respected and valued. This is better than to agree with the feeling of complete helplessness and inability to stand up for themselves. If you want to bring with you considered, you learn to respect and love yourself. Pleasing to everyone is not only impossible, but also stupid.


There is a saying: "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." We live in a world of transactions, hassle and worries, and who will pick up the key of happiness for us? Perseverance and persistence in achieving the objectives - this is very good, however, it is not always the end justifies the means. Although likely a target is selected properly. What a joy, it come easy. Spending best efforts, we do not feel tired or depressed, but rather, luck gives strength and provides an opportunity to move forward.


But if the goal setting is not correct, then, as wehimself not convinced, from the beginning is not so. We have to take great pains to get at least something. Just as we would not have tried the tower will collapse sooner or later, and the time may not be the most appropriate. Therefore, the feeling called "do not want" - it is not laziness and the desire to relax, rather a signal that indicates that something is wrong. No one except you will not tell whence it was born the desire, so less ask questions and listen more, not only others, but themselves.

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