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HOW cats feel death

As cats feel death

About the cats had the impression that they are closely linked with mysticism, with unknown forces.

For cats, its fame as the animals that can predict many events in the life of the owners.

Cats credited with the ability to learn about advancetroubles that occur in the family. Thus, for example, that cat owners have a presentiment of death, did not say just lazy. As evidence of this, result is not quite the usual behavior of cats, which changes for no apparent reason.

For example, a cat that starts sniffing the air,exhaled by man - this behavior is considered the news of the beginning of the disease. If the cat does not want to lie next to a sick person, it will likely not stand up. And even people who do not believe in omens, note - cat really does not behave quite normally in the room where the dying person is.

Cats have a very developed sense - where peopleThey doubt their feelings and can not determine this premonition or suspiciousness, cat no doubt. People who trust the signs, sometimes try to explain the phenomenon of premonition cat Emergency human death. There is an opinion that cats who are accustomed to survive mainly due to intuition, animal instinct to perceive the host on a different level, feel its energy.

Probably feel the person with whom theylive is much easier than others - so the cats are very rarely wrong. At the head of animal rational thinking it is not the first place and they perceive the reality is not like people. They "see", and they know and understand, but the trouble - can not say anything, and therefore express the information only available method - actions, behavior.

Sometimes in the villages, even a cat called "ambassadordeath ", explaining that a person's death comes after certain actions of the animal," the cat is on the table, tail sweeps - sweeps the owner of the house. " But it is doubtful whether this is the case - if you take all the same believe, cats do not attract the death, but only a presentiment.

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