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System Restore screenshot

System Restore ? this means provided Windows developers in case of operating system failure. This failure can occur as a result of improper operation of certain programs or the user's fault.

System Restore allows you to generate a return system by the time of full operation.



To enable System Restore,by right-clicking on the icon? My Computer ?, select? Properties? and go to the tab? System Restore ?. There can be removed or put a check in? Turn off system restore on all drives ?. Uncheck will mean that the recovery system is turned on.


If for some reason you can not find the icon?My Computer ?, navigate to? Start? and go to the? Control Panel ?. If the list Services Control Panel shows you in a classical form, select the? System ?. If the services are displayed by categories, select the? Performance and Maintenance? and click the? system ?. Then click on the tab? System Restore ?.

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