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How to restore the system


System Restore Screenshot</a>

System Restore ? This tool is provided by Windows developers in case of an operating system failure. Such a failure can occur as a result of incorrect operation of some programs or through the fault of the user.

Restoring the system allows you to return the system to the time of full serviceability.



To enable the system restore function,Right-click on the My Computer icon, select Properties? And go to the tab "System Restore". Here you can remove or check the item? Disable the recovery system on all disks ?. A tick removed will indicate that the recovery system is turned on.


If for some reason you did not find the badge?My computer ?, go to the menu? Start? And go to the "Control Panel". If the list of Control Panel services is displayed in your classic view, select the "System" section. If the services are displayed by category, select the "Performance and Maintenance" section. And click on the? System? Icon. Then go to the tab "System Restore".

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