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How to disable the right button

How to disable the right button

In Windows therethe ability to customize the mouse buttons to suit your preferences and capabilities. Included right button is convenient especially for left-handers, but for people who are "working" hand is right, these settings are extremely uncomfortable and unaccustomed.

To disable the right mouse button, you must perform several actions.



"Start" menu, call the "Control Panel". Depending on the settings of a particular computer panel can be accessed immediately, or will be in the "Settings". In the window that opens, navigate to the category 'Printers and Other Hardware "and select the" Mouse "icon. If & nbsp- «Control Panel» & nbsp-has a classic look, click on the desired icon once. A new dialog box.


In the window "Properties: Mouse "tab of the" mouse buttons. " In the "Configuration button" remove marker from a field next to the line "Switch primary and secondary buttons". The new settings are stepping into effect immediately, so the following commands activate already left mouse button. Click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the window and click & nbsp- «OK» (or X icon) to close the Properties window.


The dialog "Properties: Mouse "allows you not only to change the buttons, but also set the device to operate in an optimal and comfortable for you mode. If you are using to open the folder and run the application by double-clicking, set the speed of the double-click of the mouse, using the slider on the tab "mouse buttons."


To change a user's mouse cursor, go totab "Indexes". Use the drop-down list, set the type of cursor that you enjoy. In the tab 'Wheel ", set the number of lines on the page that will move when scrolling the mouse wheel. After setting, click "Apply" and close the window.


If you want to remove the double-click to callfiles and folders, click any folder on your computer. The top line of the menu under "Tools", select "Folder Options." In the tab dialog, "General". In the "mouse clicks", set the marker on the other hand the terms "Open one-click to allocate a pointer." Click "Apply" and close the Properties window.

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