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How to remove files from the log

How to remove files from the log

The magazine contains the Mozilla Firefox browserInformation about the sites visited by the user. Magazine is convenient to use when you need to quickly open recently closed pages or find a list of resources that are viewed by the user for a certain period of time.

Under appropriate site addresses settings are added to the log automatically delete the files from it you can "manually".



To begin with, if you do not want your browserremembers which resources you viewed, disable this feature in the settings. To do this, in the upper menu bar, call the section "Tools" menu "Options". In the window that opens, click on the tab "Privacy". Use the drop-down list in the "History", set the "Do not will remember the story." Click OK to close the window.


To clear the history of visited sites fora few hours or a day, in the top menu bar, select the "Tools" and click "Clear Recent History". In the resulting window, locate the desired time interval and click "Clear now." Confirm your choice.


To delete files from the magazine, call the boxMagazine. Select "History" and click "Show All History" in the top menu bar. If you can not find on the menu bar, click on the panel once the right mouse button in the pop-up menu, set the marker next to the line "bar menu".


In the window that opens, expand the Journalvisited sites for the desired period of time. In the proposed list, locate and select the file you want to delete, click on the right mouse button, from the drop-down menu, select "Delete." If you want to delete all references to the resource, not just a link to a specific page, select from the drop-down menu, click "Forget about this site."


To delete the history of the day, week or month,select the appropriate section, and click on the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, as in the previous step, click "Delete" or press the Delete key. In the top menu bar of the window of the Journal are also available commands "Select All" and "Remove".


The principle of removing files from other magazines, whetherthe System Event Log or antivirus installed on your computer, similar to the principle described above. Highlight the file, and give the command "Delete" from the drop-down menu, the top menu bar or the Delete key.

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