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How do I connect the headphones on Skype

How do I connect the headphones on Skype

Currently, the Internet makes it possible to not only find information, but also to communicate with different people.

For several years, the most popular program Skype, which allows you to not only communicate through written messages, but also in audio and video formats.



To connect headphones on Skype, you need tofirst understand the findings on its end. If this headset with a microphone, then at the end you can see the two connectors (usually one green and one red). In this case, they should stick to the respective colors of jacks sound card, which is usually located behind the system unit from the bottom. The most common color output for headphones? green, and red for the microphone, but it's not a rule. Successfully completing this step, you go in to Skype.


It is unlikely that the headphones and microphone earn immediately. It is necessary to work in the program settings menu to achieve the final result. To do this, go to the tab? Tools? on? Settings? and finally,? Sound settings ?. Here is the menu with the sound settings appear. To adjust the microphone in the right drop-down list select the desired brand the device you have connected. Next, in the "Speakers" section, select your headset. If everything worked out, you can easily communicate.


Often, in the drop-down list, do not have those devices,that you would like to use during a call. To do this, have their own problems. The main trouble is that the connected computer equipment simply not found the driver. The most common and convenient driver for the sound system, including the headphone jack, a Realtek HD. It is freely available on the Internet. It is necessary to install this program, and already using this interface to define all the desired audio device. Another problem often pop up when headphones are connected is your operating system. So before you download Skype, look carefully whether it is suitable for your system. If Skype does not fit into your system, no drivers for the headphones will not save the situation, as long as you do not have Skype system will be adapted.


Finally, there is a program Skype Sound Test Service, which is in your list of contacts. With it you can check the quality of work and headphone audio system.

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