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How to connect the drive


How to connect the drive</a>

The most common way to upgrade a personal computer? This is the installation and connection to the drive.

This operation does not require the use of a serviceCenter, since it is not difficult to connect a drive, but everything you need? This is a small screwdriver, suitable for small cogs of the chassis of the system unit.



Turn off the computer and disconnect it. Remove the side cover of the chassis. At the top of the front of the case, remove the plastic plug located on the installation site of the new drive.


Inspect the wires and connectorsMotherboard. Hard drives and drives are usually connected to connectors with the same interface: ATA or SATA. Accordingly, the loops with which they are connected to the motherboard will also be the same. Determine the connection sequence of the drive. Depending on this, set the jumper to "Master" position on it. Or? Slave ?.


If the corresponding loops in the system unitThere is an idle connector, then, having pre-installed the drive in the designated place at the top of the case from the outside, connect it to the corresponding socket of the drive. If there are no free connectors on the loops, connect a new cable from the drive set to the motherboard. In the future, you can connect other drives and hard drives to this cable. Connect the power supply cable to the corresponding socket.


Secure the drive with the fixing screws. Insert and close the side cover of the chassis. Turn on the computer. If the installation was performed correctly, the drive will automatically be detected in the BIOS and will be available for operation in the operating system.

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