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How to clean your phone completely

How to clean your phone completely

Integrated treatment may be needed if you decide to sell your phone.

In order to completely clean your cell phone from your personal files, you can use one of the simplest methods.



Turn on the phone and delete all the files from your phone using the menu keys. Many models support the selection of multiple files with this feature, you can delete multiple files at once.


Use the code reset the firmware. With this code, you can delete all personal information from your phone's memory and return all settings to factory default settings. Go to the site of the manufacturer of your device and get the technical support contacts. This can be a phone number, and email address. Provide mobile IMEI-number, then ask reset the firmware code. Room IMEI - is the serial number of your phone. You can find it by typing * # 06 # or removing the back cover and battery.


Synchronize your phone with your computer. To do this, use a data cable and a CD with drivers. Usually, you can find it all in the phone configuration, otherwise you'll have to get them yourself. Data cable, you can find in any mobile shop Lieb order in the online store or the manufacturer's website. There, on the manufacturer's website, you can find drivers and software necessary for synchronization. In case if the software is not available, download it from one of the fan sites dedicated to your phone, such as a allnokia.ru samsung-fun.ru. Install the driver, then connect your phone to your computer.


Run the softwaresynchronization and ensure that it is synchronized with a computer phone. This will signal the corresponding indicator. Using the software, open the phone's file menu. Delete any files that are yours. Also, copy to your computer phonebook and messages stored on your phone, then remove them from the mobile memory.

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