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How do I check on the serviceability of the capacitor

How do I check on the serviceability of the capacitor

engine ignition system is one of the main systems of the car.

Thanks to the car factory and we can move on the road.

In our country is still a lot of vehicles with contact ignition. Condenser - one of its elements.

Usually he does not fail, but drivers should always be prepared for this.

Checking and replacing it in a way which does not cause any difficulties.

You will need

  • - ommetr-
  • - Crank (starter curve) -
  • - Portable lamp



Take ohmmeter instrument. The output capacitor connect with his body, his discharge. One probe ohmmeter, connect to the tip of the wire to the second housing (device switch to the upper limit of the measurement). With proper capacitor arrow deflected sharply towards the "0" and then slowly return to the character "?". If you change the polarity of the needle even more diverted to "zero." Faulty capacitor Replace.


Disconnect the ignition coil wire and wirecapacitor from the chopper clip. Take a portable lamp, it will provide an opportunity to check the penetration of the capacitor to the car body. Connect it to the breaker terminal. Switch on the ignition. Capacitor considered defective if the lamp at the same timelights. It is used to reduce erosion of the breaker contacts and increase the secondary voltage. Capacitor is connected in parallel to them. When it is off, whereas when the clearance is at a minimum value, a spark jumps, with the result that it accumulates charge. there is a capacitor for each of the ignition system. Its capacity is usually located within the boundaries of 0,17-0,35 uF. To contact VAZ car system its value is 0.20-0.25 uF. In the case of deviations in the capacitance of the capacitor, the secondary voltage decreases. When charging or discharging the capacitor does not exceed 5 kV.


Disconnect the black wire from the ignition coil of the chopper clamp, disconnect the wire from the condenser breaker. Switch on the ignition. Make contact between them. Capacitor is faulty in case of sparks. The next way - charge the high-voltage current from the ignition coil, and then discharge it to the vehicle body. If there was a spark discharge between the ground wire and the capacitor with an audible click, then it is OK. If the spark is not observed, then the capacitor is breached.


Disconnect the capacitor. Take the crank and start cranking the internal combustion engine crankshaft. Remove the cover of the distributor of ignition and turn on the ignition. A sign of failure of the capacitor is excessive arcing contacts of the breaker at this time. When too weak sparks between the housing and the central high-voltage wire, as well as a sufficiently strong arcing contacts of the breaker - the capacitor is defective and must be replaced.

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