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How do I change the type of video

Working with video files often requires a change of format

Working with video files often requires a change of format.

Changing the video format, you can improveor slightly impair its quality, compress the file to a more fitting volume, optimize it for posting on the Internet and sending e-mail, and so on.



First, find online and download our free and convenient program to convert video files? Super ?. Similarly, you can then use any other tool to convert.


Install and run the program, thenRight mouse-click on the window open the program and select the section of the menu? Add multimedia files ?. Enter the path to the video file you want to convert, and then open it in the program.


Some open a video file it will be indicatedthe current format. Click Select the output container button and select from the list of the video format in which you want to convert your file? for example, in the AVI or MPEG.


By specifying the format to convert, select the appropriate codec for the file, using the list Select the output video codec.


Pointing DivX codec and encode the file so that you can without losing the quality of the compressed file size to place it on the Internet later.


If you wish to change the size of the future of the video window, specify the size of the picture in the Video Scale Size.


After all operations are carried out, and the file format changes, click Preview the last rendered file, ready to watch the video and check the correctness of his playing.

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