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How do I add tags

Tags will help simplify the Internet

Often on the Internet can be seen the request "Add tags!". You wrote a post in the community favorite, tried very hard, and the moderator has rejected the post due to the lack of tags.

What are tags and how to add them?



Tags - a message subject. Each message has a number of topics. For example, if you are writing about a trip to Poland, talks about how to get to this or that city, on the national characteristics of Poles, etc., topics of your messages can be "Poland", "How to get to Poland", "Residents Poland. "
If there is no tag, then find a post in the community withlong history is impossible. But the various communities are created in order to facilitate people's lives when searching for information. Including you.
So, the first step - to determine the topics of your posts.


Step two - add your message in the threadsspecial field. As a rule, it is called - "tags". Some services can not enter the tags manually, and select them from a dropdown list. This happens because the community has accumulated many posts on the same topic. For example, users wrote about hitchhiking trains in Poland, by train, by plane, and the like, and the tag is still used by one - "How to get to Poland."


Tags can and should be put down not only onInternet. The ability to make some programs, such as audio or video players can be summarized as the files to be played. Such arrangements will greatly simplify your life if one evening you decide to review all your existing melodrama or listen to the entire collection of hard rock.

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