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HYUNDAI Accent: how to increase the clearance of cars

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent

So, your dream (or a car, on which enough money) - "Hyundai Accent"But you do not like ground clearance and youafraid that will cling all winter - Work on clearance. The owners of this brand cars increased ground clearance in various ways, but the most inexpensive and accessible to many option - installing rubber inserts from the WHA.

Some set a new bar. Still a budget option - resistant rubber inserts from the WHA. To do this tuning, you will need:

  1. Buy 2 rubber spacers to increaseclearance of a minimum thickness of 2 cm. "Accent" suitable spacers from the Lada, you can buy them in any auto shop, and the price ridiculous, about 200-300 rubles. Also purchase new elongated studs, as the old supply has not come out.
  2. Stock up on tools. You will need a key, 12 mm drill, files and wooden hammer (mallet).
  3. When the tools and parts are prepared, you canbegin work. First of all, remove the rack on your car. Carefully, so as not to damage the structure, beat out the old studs, wielding this mallet.
  4. Now look spacers bought ifholes on them less than on a rack, then increase them by using a drill and then a bit of work with a file, give holes a shape corresponding to the uprights.
  5. Place the new pin, push on the top spacers.
  6. Properly secure the construction of nuts and refit the rack.

After all done manipulation of your iron horse will be noticeably higher. If you do not use the machine on the road macabre, the clearance you will hardly have to worry.

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