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Hypertensive crisis: the main symptoms and first aid

Hypertensive crisis: the main symptoms and first aid

Hypertensive crisis - a condition in which blood pressure rises quickly up to the maximum allowable marks 220/120 mm Hg.

The main symptoms are pronounced, the patient requires immediate medical attention.

Causes and symptoms of hypertensive crisis

Hypertension blood pressure should besystematically monitor. The therapist or cardiologist prescribes pharmaceuticals, which tend to take throughout their lives. If she missed the pills, possible hypertensive crisis.

But it is not only ill-timed medicationIt is a precipitating factor of hypertensive crisis. The patient should avoid excessive exercise, excessive sun exposure, stress, completely abandon drinking alcohol and smoking. Failure to comply with these conditions can cause a hypertensive crisis.

The main symptoms of hypertensive crisis: nausea, sweating, weakness, headache, chest pain, shortness of breath, convulsions, vomiting, paralysis.

First aid in hypertonic crisis

Also drugs useddaily at the same time, it must be kept in a home medicine cabinet emergency tools such as "Capoten". If blood pressure is not exceeded the mark of 200/100, it should take half of the drug, dissolve it under his tongue.

When blood pressure, exceeding the maximumallowable mark, you should immediately call the ambulance, to ensure full patient calm, open a window or turn on air conditioning, open collar shirt and remove the belt. Remember, failure to provide skilled care for hypertensive crisis threatens a heart attack or stroke with full or partial disability.

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