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HYPERTONIC crisis: causes, symptoms, emergency care, prevention


Hypertensive crisis: causes, symptoms, emergency care, prevention</a>

Hypertensive crisis - a condition that is caused by high blood pressure.

Therefore, assistance with hypertensive crisis should be provided urgently.

What are the causes of the crisis, and how to properly provide first aid to a patient with hypertensive crisis?

Causes of hypertensive crisis

Crises develop in the disease of arterial hypertension. Quite often, hypertensive crisis can occur with the withdrawal of drugs that lower blood pressure. This condition can be called withdrawal syndrome.

The risk factors for the emergence of hypertensive crises include:

  • stress-
  • Weather conditions - this refers to weather-dependent people-
  • Large intake of salt in food-
  • Heavy physical activity-
  • alcohol-
  • Abolition of antihypertensive drugs-
  • heart diseases-
  • Hormonal disorders in the adolescent or climacteric syndrome.

Symptoms of hypertensive crisis

A clear sign of a hypertensive crisis is high blood pressure. It can lead to a heart attack, pulmonary edema, aortic aneurysm or acute renal or coronary insufficiency.

The development of the crisis is manifested by frequent palpitations, tremors, agitation and anxiety. The patient is restless, he does not have enough air, there is a cold sticky sweat.

If there is a disturbance of the cerebral circulation, vomiting, impaired vision and dizziness occur.

How to help with hypertensive crisis

  • Call an ambulance.
  • At the first signs of a crisis, put the patient in a chair and place a pillow under your head.
  • Give him a sedative, such as "Corvalol" or "Valocordinum".
  • Measure blood pressure.

For relief of hypertensive crisis applyThe following drugs: Nifedipine, Clonidine, Diazoxide, Captopril, Labetalol, and others. Do not take medication yourself, wait for an emergency doctor.

Prophylaxis of hypertensive crises

  • With hypertension, watch your pressure. Measure it several times a day.
  • Stress should be avoided.
  • You do not need to drink alcoholic beverages. It is important to stop smoking.
  • Obese people are more likely to suffer from hypertensive crises, so you should control your weight.
  • In food, do not eat too salty foods.

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