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Humanities and mathematics

Humanitarians and Mathematics

Very often, parents or students can hear that some things are easier for them than others.

And often it sounds as "our baby - the humanities, he has no aptitude for mathematics", or vice versa.

Such statements are valid, but rarely.

Conclusions of this tendency can only be done on the basis of an extensive psycho-pedagogical diagnosis of the child.

But this is rarely carried out.

In fact, the vast majority of pupilshave approximately the same capacity for the study of all subjects. And failure in the study of a particular school subject most often associated only with the interests of the student or outright laziness.

If the parents are in a hurry to hang like a shortcut toa child in elementary school, it is not necessary to wait for some unexpected success of it. Most often, children readily agree with such statements and quickly adjust for them. It is now almost half of subjects school course, you can learn without much effort. It did not work - the parents themselves find justification in the form of an imaginary child the natural inability of the subject.

It should be understood that the averagechild, if he has no clinical abnormalities, may well learn the curriculum in all subjects. But it will have to make an effort and a lot of times. That's just in this direction, and parents need to work together with the teachers.

The child should not just repeat that a lotIt is given only after efforts. And the grander goal, the more effort must be put. And school subjects - a great opportunity to exercise your mind. A man who is planning in the future to solve important problems, simply has no right to give up in front of a little difficulty, as a complex topic in the textbook of mathematics and Russian language.

Success begins with the small things. And if the parents will be able to teach a child to work, perseverance and self-confidence and abilities, in adult life, he will easily overcome any difficulties.

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