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Humanities and techies & ndash- what is the difference of thinking


People who are equally well versed inHumanitarian, and technical issues, relatively few. As a rule, someone is more easily given a story, a philosophy, and somebody is a physicist, a mathematician. What is the difference of thinking between these types of people?

What are the peculiarities of the thinking of the humanities

One person can write good prose, poetry,Beautiful drawing, but to understand the device, even a relatively simple device for it - a difficult task. And the other, with all the desire, does not put together a couple of lines, but with the technique "on you." This is understandable and natural, because one of them is a "humanist" and the other is a "techie".

A person of the humanitarian mindset when consideringOf some issue, the phenomenon mainly draws attention to the most memorable, conspicuous signs. He is capable of logical thinking, but up to a certain limit. When memorizing some new information, the humanist uses such signs as partial coincidence in several of the most significant characteristics, and sometimes only for one most characteristic feature. Secondary signs of the humanities, as a rule, are classified as minor details, and therefore do not give them due attention.

That is why a pronounced humanistIt is difficult to succeed in such purely technical disciplines, for example, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, etc. After all, it is necessary to carefully consider all the known information, down to the most insignificant.

As a man thinks, "techies"

For a pronounced "techie" the very thought thatYou can ignore some information, simply because it is not very significant, almost impossible. Of course, a person with a technical mindset also knows how to distinguish the main from the secondary, but he considers and takes into account everything, down to the smallest detail. Trying to understand something new or remember some information, the "techie" can not be limited to a formal coincidence of some of the most significant signs, as a humanist would. He will certainly check if the secondary signs coincide, and only then will he remember the information or make a conclusion. A single fact, a sign that is knocked out of the general series, will force the technician to check everything again and think over.

The technician may seem too meticulous, slow (especially from the point of view of the humanities). But this is just a natural consequence of the peculiarities of his thinking and behavior.

Therefore, the eternal dispute, who is more important - "physics" or "lyrics" (that is, techies and humanities) does not make sense. In life, both are important.

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