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HOW zaskrinit screen

As zaskrinit screen

The program for taking screenshots - irreplaceable thing in the preparation of demonstration presentations, video lessons.

But to make a good screen, you need to learn a special program.

First steps

Find a program for taking screenshots is notdifficult. Just enter the correct query in any search engine and carefully search the Internet on sites with the software. Such programs are many. And as a rule, the principle of so-called skrinilok same type. Therefore master Scrin removal procedure is quite simple.

Warning: remove!

To take a screenshot, run on computerthe application by clicking on the icon on your desktop (usually during installation it is automatically created) or search for it in the program list (via the "Start" button). After that, in the opened pop-up window, select the desired option for you. In this program, you can capture screen: full screen, window element, window scrolling, selection, fixed region, random region or take a screenshot of the previous selection.

Toolbar opens and when you click the "File" button in the main menu.

From the names of the options clear what part of the workingthe window will be highlighted in the process of removing the Scrin. You can one-click "take a picture" full screen or any part of it. Here you can also specify a particular area or portion of the screen, which will correspond to previously defined parameters. In general, zaskrinit absolutely everything.
In addition, the program has a small listnecessary for processing tools images: color palette, the color of the cursor, zoom window, a line, through which you can with millimeter precision to calculate the distance from one point to another, a protractor, overlapping and even slate, which allows to make recordings and drawings directly on the screen.
click for further action"Home", then the screen will display an additional panel with a specific set of tools. With their help, you can crop the image, specify its size, highlight a certain part, apply text, select the font color and fill.

The button "View" in the main menu allows you to change the zoom level, to work with a ruler, customize zaskrinennyh documents: cascade mosaic.

After you remove the screenshot, clickclick "File" on the top of the Application bar and the drop down box, select "Save As" option. After that, the right side will open an additional window, in which you need to choose the file type: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF. Then just need to specify the folder in which to save the file.

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