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How to screen the screen


How to screen the screen </a>

The program for taking screenshots is an irreplaceable thing when preparing demonstration presentations, video lessons.

But to make a good screen, you need to learn a special program.

First steps

Find a program for taking screenshotsConstitutes a special effort. It is enough to enter the correct query in any search engine and carefully search the Internet for sites with software. There are many similar programs. And as a rule, the principle of the work of the so-called screeners is one-type. Therefore, mastering the procedure for removing the screen is quite simple.

Attention: shoot!

To shoot a screenshot, start on your computerApplication by clicking on the shortcut on the desktop (usually during the installation it is created automatically) or by finding it in the list of programs (via the "Start" button). After that, in the opened working window select the function necessary for you. In this program, you can capture a screen: the entire screen, a window element, a scroll window, a selection, a fixed area, an arbitrary area, or take a screenshot from the previous selection.

The toolbar opens when you click the "File" button in the main program menu.

From the names of options it is clear which part of the workerThe window will be highlighted during the removal of the screen. You can at one click "take a picture" the entire screen or some part of it. Also here you can specify a specific area or part of the screen that will match the previously set parameters. In general, you can absolutely crochet everything.
In addition, the program has a small listNecessary for image processing tools: color palette, color of the cursor, zoom window, ruler, with which you can calculate the distance from one point to another, a goniometer, overlap and even a slate board, allowing recording and drawing directly on the screen.
Click Next to continue."Main", after which an additional panel with a certain set of tools will appear on the screen. With their help you can crop the image, set its size, highlight a certain part of the color, apply text, select the font color and fill.

The "View" button in the main menu allows you to change the scale, work with the ruler, customize the kind of cursed documents: cascade, mosaic.

After you remove the screenshot, clickClick the "File" button on the top panel of the application and select the "Save As" option in the drop-down box. After that, an additional window will open on the right side, in which you will need to select the file type: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF. Then you only need to specify the folder in which to save the file.

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