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How to wind a hockey stick


How to wind a hockey stick</a>

For the hockey player all equipment is important: skates, pads, helmet. But the stick is the main component of the inventory.

It should be properly wrapped with adhesive tape, so that it can serve a long time.

So, it is necessary to understand this step by step.



Take the adhesive tape and start winding it onStick from top to bottom, about 15 cm to the top. Then do the same from the bottom up. Press the tape as hard as possible to the stick's surface. Make sure it is firmly attached to the surface. Once you have reached the top of the inventory, start making a kind of knot of material. So you will make a "handle" for better capture.


Check if it's convenient for you to hold on toThe top of the club. During the hockey match, this indicator is very important, because there you need to play and quickly move around the ice. In this case, note that in case of a fall on the ice, you can raise the stick only for this "handle". Note that goalkeepers often use a very thick grip. But field players need about half of the size of the knot of the goalkeeper.


Take the insulating tape and rewind the hookPutter. Do this part of the work, like the previous one. Make two layers of tape and press them firmly against the surface of the hook. Most players wind almost the entire hook and leave only a little unprotected place at the top. It was not always so. Hockey players often experiment with how much to leave the tapes on the hook. Try to figure it out yourself. See if it's convenient for you to receive and give passes with this rewind. & Nbsp- & nbsp-


Check the rewind of the club in real conditions. Play the match and see how the stick behaves during the game. Is it convenient for you to manage it or not? Track, you have problems with transmissions and clicks. Also check the wear. If the tape does not stay on the hook after a couple of shots, add it a little more to the stick.


Put a little tape on the stick itself. Some players act in this way: they rewind almost the entire surface of inventory from top to bottom in the hope of making it stronger. Others believe that it becomes less "flexible" for strikes against the puck. Add, however, the tape on the handle of the stick, to improve grip on the hand.

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