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How beautifully to make a shady corner in the garden


Shady corner in the garden</a>

In any garden there is a shaded area, where the sun rarely looks.

But I also want to decorate this place in a special way.

For this, it is necessary to select the appropriate ornamental plants, easily transferring the shadow or partial shade.

Before planting the plants in a shadyCorner of the garden, it is necessary to prepare well the soil on this site. First remove all the weeds, and then dig through the ground. To improve the structure of the soil, as well as increase its fertility, you can make humus, well reparted manure and vermiculite.

Choosing seedlings for a shady area, you needIt is clear to know which of the plants will grow well here, because some of them simply can not stand even a slight penumbra. Shade-loving plants include hosts, ferns, geyher, rodzersiya, astilba and many others. In addition to herbaceous plants, in the shady corner of the garden can be planted and bushes, and lianas, and coniferous plants. It will look great in such a place of actinidia. She perfectly tolerates frosts to minus 40 degrees and does not require shelter for the winter. White-pink spots appear on the tips of its leaves, and this combination of colors will not only be in harmony with other plants, but the place itself will seem somewhat lighter.

Choosing a host for your garden, you need to haveThe fact that some varieties, for example, blue hosts, do not tolerate the slightest drop of sun on the leaves. On the wax plaque, dark spots form and the appearance of the plant deteriorates. If you buy several types of host, it is better not to plant a number of plants with leaves in a white and yellow stripes. Between them it is recommended to plant plants with monophonic green leaves. Acquiring geyheru for a shaded garden area, it is advisable to buy varieties with light leaves. Such plants will make the shady corner more light. If it is planned to plant coniferous plants in the shade, it is important to know that plants with yellow or blue needles here will become ordinary green. For such plants necessarily need sunlight, so for a shady corner it is better to purchase seedlings with green needles.

When the soil is prepared for planting seedlings, andPlants are bought, it is first recommended to place them in containers on this site to see if they are combined in a single composition. You can always improve the situation for the better, changing only a few plants.

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