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As the most terrible animal in the world


As the most terrible animal in the world</a>

Man is accustomed to consider himself the crown of evolution and to feel superior to other species.

However, many animals are a danger to humans.

Despite the technological progress on the side of homo sapiens, meeting with such an animal does not bode well.


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At first glance, such small insects asMosquitoes, can not cause serious harm to humans, except that only minor troubles. However, about three million people die each year from the bites of these insects. The reason is that mosquitoes are carriers of various diseases, the causative agents of which they inject into the blood of a person with a bite. In particular, mosquitoes suffer from such diseases as leishmaniasis, dappataci fever, bartonellosis.
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White shark

Sharks rarely attack a person, but ifThis predator all the same became interested in you, the chances of saving a little. White shark can reach six meters in length and weigh five tons. In the world's oceans, it occurs almost everywhere, except for the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. Scientists suggest that these predators attack humans by mistake, confusing a diver or surfer sailing on a board with a pinniped or tortoise - its habitual prey.
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Piranhas are still deadly predators,Hiding in the water column. They live in the waters of South America and are characterized by extremely sharp teeth. Most of the diet of piranhas is made up of other fish, often exceeding their size by a factor of ten, as well as small animals. However, a flock of piranhas represents a serious threat to the life of a baker who has begun to quail.

Snails cones

At first glance, snails seem slow andHarmless animals, but not all representatives of the class of gastropods are in fact such. Cones in the tropical seas are predators. They usually hunt for polychaete worms, killing their prey with the help of poison. However, the substance released by them is so strong that it likewise acts on humans. Snail cones pose a danger to divers, because if a "snare" snail has got into an unfortunate one, death will be in a few minutes.


A rhinoceros is a large animal, whose weight in someCases can reach even five tons, and the front part of the head is crowned with one or two horns. In addition to the giant weight and horns, these animals also have very bad eyesight, which is often the reason for the attack of these animals on people. Rhinoceros tend to fall into a rage and attack any moving object they do not understand, which can become a man. Running these animals, despite their impressive size, very quickly.

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