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AS the worst animal in the world

As the most terrible animal in the world

The man used to consider himself the crown of evolution and to feel superior to other species.

However, many animals are a danger to people.

Despite technological progress, standing on the side of the homo sapiens, meeting with such a beast does not bode well.


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At first glance, these small insects asmosquitoes, can not cause serious harm to a person, except that only minor troubles. Nevertheless, it killed about three million people by bites of insects each year. The reason is, that mosquitoes are carriers of various diseases and pathogens which are injected into the human blood by the bite. In particular, mosquitoes carry diseases such as leishmaniasis, pappataci fever, Bartonella.
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White shark

Sharks rarely attack humans, but ifThis predator is still interested in you, the chances of saving a little. The white shark is able to reach six meters in length and weigh five tons. In the oceans, it is found almost everywhere, except in the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. Scientists suggest that these predators attack humans by mistake, confusing the diver or surfer floating on a board, with the pinnipeds or turtle - its usual prey.
What is a piranha


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Piranhas - another deadly predatorslurking in the water column. They live in South America and reservoirs are characterized by an extremely sharp teeth. Most of the diet of piranha fish make up the other, often exceeding their sizes ten times, as well as small animals. However, a pack of piranhas is a serious threat to life unwary bather.

Snails cones

snails seem to be at first sight and slowharmless animals, but not all members of the class gastropods really are. Living in tropical seas cones - predators. They usually hunt on polychaete worms, killing their prey with poison. However, they emit so strong substance that acts in a similar way and per person. Snails cones are dangerous for divers, because if the accident was "harpoon" snails, a few minutes waiting for his death.


Rhino - a large animal, whose weight in somecases, it may even reach five tons, and the front part of the head is topped with one or two horns. In addition to a giant weight and antlers, these animals are still very nasty sight, which is often the cause of these animals attack humans. Rhinos are prone to rage and attack any moving object is not clear to them, and whom can be a person. Running around these animals, despite its impressive dimensions, the extremely fast.

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