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HOW withdraw cash

How to withdraw cash

The modern world tends to a maximum of comfort anda minimum of things. That is why a smart phone combines the functions of a handheld computer, phone, and e-books, a year's supply of money may be stored in a small plastic card ... But sometimes we have to go back to the simple things.

For example, to cash.



Remove the cash in a big city is not a problem,ATMs are on every corner. When selecting an ATM you need to consider what bank it belongs. If it has a logo of your bank, you can easily insert the card into a special hole to enter a PIN code, select the option to "withdraw cash" and get your hands on brand-new bills.


ATM of another bank
Sometimes such situations arise when cash is veryneeded, and ATM "your" bank near there. To withdraw money you can use and "foreign" ATM, but keep in mind that when a transaction surcharge. It is not too big, but the removal of a large amount can be substantial.


If you forget your PIN or you need to removecash in foreign currency, please contact the nearest branch of the bank that issued your card. Suffice it to only present the card to the cashier and passport, and a minute later he will give you cash in the currency that you require.

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