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How to wipe the dust

Normal household dust is made up of so many speciesdust of the world, it is difficult to imagine. In your home there are a piece of sugar, a little volcanic ash, ocean salt crystals and much more.

This is not counting the microscopic particles of dead skin, animal fur, and various microorganisms, as well as a true cosmic dust.

How to get rid of all this "wealth"?



Remove from open horizontal surfacesfigurines, unwanted office supplies and other stuff. They are dust collectors, attracting dirt particles. Let every thing in your house has its place, preferably in a locked drawer or cabinet. Even hot favorite souvenirs is better to hide behind glass.


Take a clean, dry cloth, preferably made of soft fabric, and clockwise walk around the apartment, rubbing dust from all surfaces and objects. After a while you develop into a kind of ritual for wiping dust. Next, go the same route, but this time with a damp cloth. To facilitate the task, you can take advantage of modern technology, such as microfiber. In this case, re-do wet cleaning is not necessary. Maximum amount of dust cloth will absorb during the first round.


Thoroughly vacuum the carpets, and upholstered furnitureeven the tiles in the bathroom. Small dust glomeruli may be under the bed or behind the battery. And in household dust, especially in the bedroom, they found a large number of mites, which feed on dead skin flakes. Try to be cleaned more often if the house live pets or small children.


Those who are allergic to dust, It is recommended to clean the apartment daily. And cleaning should be damp, not to have dust deposited on the surface again. Use gauze bandages, so as not to provoke an attack during cleaning. Also, allergies can be advised to buy air purifier, which will save them from frequent cleaning and will remove most of the dust in the house.


Try to avoid cleaning with household chemicals. After drying, it lays down a uniform layer on the surface, becoming the same dustYu. Often wipe the bookshelves, where accumulated a fairly large number of microparticles, causing coughing and all the same allergy.
Become a winner in the fight against dustYu!

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