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How will the social network Vkontakte


How will the social network Vkontakte</a>

The social network Vkontakte was launched in 2006Year, and its creator and developer was Pavel Durov. Since that time, it has changed a lot not only in terms of functionality and design, new owners have replaced them.

And where it goes now, remains a mystery.

Today Vkontakte is the mostA large social network in Russia with a daily audience of more than 60 million visitors. It turns out that approximately every 3 residents of the country go to their page at least once a day.

Policy inside the company and change of leadership

After Pavel Durov sold his partOf shares and resigned as CEO, Mail.ru Group (51.99%) and UCP investment fund (48%) stood at the helm. According to information from the mouth of the former owner, this decision was made by him because of the pressure of other shareholders and the government of the Russian Federation.
Particular attention from the FSB to his person wasDue to the fact that on some public pages of the social network information was posted that does not correspond to the current policy and casts doubt on the actions of the state. Paul was an active supporter of personal opinion and democracy, for which he paid, not wanting to disclose the identities of some people and close unsavory pages.
Today, the network was headed by people, knownTheir investment portfolios and huge fortunes, are real businessmen. Their desire is understandable, VKontakte brings an excellent profit and carries a huge investment potential, and the boundaries of its use are very diverse.
These people have no reason to argue or deny the authorities and the state, in particular, so, perhaps now some information will still "merge" where necessary.

Development of the social network by users

Speaking about functional developmentSocial network, you can not say anything specific. Constantly work is under way to develop new opportunities that will make using the site even more convenient and accessible to all people.
Now this network has reached its peak at whichIt will last, like Facebook, but it's even bigger. The further tasks include only increasing the number of live users and increasing their influence in different regions. Still Vkontakte more Russian-speaking social network and it would be great if it could bring to the world level in order to compete with the main site.
The developers willGive it to mobile visitors and, perhaps, to do for them some additional functionality based on the capabilities of smartphones based on Android and iOS.

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