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How will the social network Vkontakte

How will the social network Vkontakte

Vkontakte social network was launched in 2006year, and it became the creator and developer of Pavel Durov. Since that time it has changed a lot, not only in functionality and design, the new owners replaced.

And where is it going now, it remains a mystery.

Today is the most FaceBookthe largest social network in Russia with a daily audience of more than 60 million visitors. It turns out that nearly every resident of the country's 3 at least once a day comes to your page.

Policy within the company and change of leadership

After Pavel Durov sold hisshares and resigned as CEO, stood at the helm of Mail.ru Group (51.99%) and investment fund UCP (48%). According to information from the lips of the former owner, the decision was made to them because of the pressure of other shareholders and the Russian government.
Particular attention of the FSB in his person wasdue to the fact that some public pages of social networks were laid information that does not meet the current policy and calling into question the actions of the state. Paul was a strong advocate of personal opinion and democracy, for which he paid, not wanting to reveal the identity of some people and shut down unwanted pages.
Today, at the head of the network stood people knownits investment portfolios and huge states - real businessmen. Their desire is quite understandable, Vkontakte brings excellent profits and has a great investment potential and limits of its use are very diverse.
These people does not make sense to argue or deny the State bodies and, in particular, so maybe now some information will still be "blend" where it is necessary.

The development of social networking by the users

Talking about the functional developmentsocial network, we can not say anything concrete. Continuing work is underway to develop new features that make use of the site even more user-friendly and accessible to all people.
Now the network has reached its peak, on whichit holds, as well as Facebook, only it even more. The future task is only an increase in the number of live users and increase their influence in various regions. Still Vkontakte More Russian-language social network and it would be great if it were able to bring to the world level, to compete with the main site.
Special attention will be developerspay it mobile visitors, and possibly do for them some additional functionality based on smartphone features on Android and iOS based.

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