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How will the law on penalties at rallies

How will the law on penalties at rallies

The new law on rallies June 6 was approved by the Federation Council, and on June 8 - signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The bill provides for a significant increase in penalties and liability for violations during rallies and other public events.

The new law would increase the penalties forviolations during rallies and other public events for people with 2 thousand to 300 thousand, for officials - from 50 to 600 thousand rubles. In addition, the law imposes as a penalty free "compulsory work" lasting from 20 to 200 hours, but not more than 4 hours a day free from work or school time.

Introduced penalties for officials. Coercion to participate in public events, the ban on participation in legitimate meetings, as well as hindering their organization or conduct entail a fine for citizens - from 10 to 20 thousand rubles for officials - up to 50 thousand rubles.

Pay a fine, and now it is necessary for the conduct ofevents without applying the relevant application and approval. In fact, under this paragraph fall any holiday celebrations, big promotions and speeches of deputies before the voters. The amount of the fine for citizens - up to 30 thousand rubles, or community service for up to 50 hours, for officials - up to 40 thousand rubles for legal entities - up to 200 thousand rubles. Be responsible will now not only the initiators of mass events, but also to those who perform organizational and administrative work.

The new law also established a ban for membersrally to carry defensive weapons, explosives, flammable substances and alcoholic beverages are prohibited to attend meetings in a state of alcoholic or substance intoxication, prevent the use of any means of masking, including costumes and medical dressings.

Now organizers of public events are notcan be persons who have outstanding conviction for crimes against public order and safety, as well as those of more than two times a year are held accountable for violations during mass events.

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