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When preparing a presentation about the company's services,focused on a specific customer, in the preparation of a specific commercial offer, as well as the dialogue with potential partners of great importance is the correct reflection of the services. The more true and clearly they will be made public, the greater the likelihood of the transaction in both the short and the long term.

Therefore, you must carefully approach the issue, and only after extensive training.



First of all, you should definitely and definitely know what services able to provide your company. The slightest gap or lack of knowledge can seriously disrupt a deal that can not have a positive impact on the success of your company.


Preliminary analysis of the client company. Find out what it does, its history of development prospects, which she sees as well as it needs at a given time. Also, an important factor is the prospect that ONET can not see at the moment. Carefully secure all information. The more precise it is, the easier it will be to process this information in the future.


Recycle description of the services based on the needs of the company in the short and long term, avoiding studies. Your task - to prepare services so that the person with whom you aredialogue, all this will seem a stunning coincidence, and not the work done in order to attract him to soverieniyu transaction. The more carefully you will hide the traces of deep analysis, the result will be deafening.


Improvise with the presentation. Remember that the more you rely on the client's words that he needs, the more reason for him to give you permission. Here is a very simple logic: if you do not rely on the client's words, you give him a reason for objection, and if you lean, the reason for the consent.

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