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How Wi-Fi works


Wired Internet, for the most part, alreadyLoses its value, because now you rarely find a family where there is no laptop, tablet, smartphones, PDAs or other joys of the present, besides the stationary computer, that make it possible to use the Internet.

Freedom is provided by a Wi-Fi connection.

How it works?

You will need

  • - network adapter Wi-Fi-
  • - a computer-
  • - Any device that supports the ability to connect to the Internet.



Buy a Wi-Fi network adapter if the computer orThe laptop does not have built-in hardware. The lack of an adapter is possible if the office equipment was released a sufficient time ago, when the Wi-Fi standards were not yet widely used. The network adapter can be presented in various modifications - from removable equipment connected to the PCMCIA connector or USB port, which are outputs for a high-speed connection. Also, devices inserted into the card slot are possible. Before buying it is worth to make sure of the compatibility of software and hardware, which will be a kind of guarantee for the reliability of communication via Wi-Fi. There are different routers that apply several standards, the most popular is 802.11g, these devices are recognized by consumers as the fastest and most reliable ones. A router is required to connect various equipment to each other and to connect to the Internet.


Make sure there is at least one pointAccess and one client. The access point by means of special signals transmits an SSID, an identifier, and the client recognizes the data and determines the connectivity. Usually, the SSID is the name of the equipment manufacturer. The ability to connect devices to the network at a distance depends on the capacity of the router, some of the devices are broadcast at 30 meters in diameter, but the quality of the signal can interfere with the wall or the conventional door.


Connection security in the new routerHas well-known parameters, so after acquiring a device, you need to change the settings so that access to the connection is restricted to the users for whom the broadcast is intended.

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