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How does Wi-Fi

Driving broadcast Wi-Fi

Wired Internet, for the most part, alreadyIt loses its value, because now rarely find a family where there is no addition to the stationary laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, PDA, and other joys of today, which make it possible to use the Internet.

Freedom provides Wi-Fi connection.

How it works?

You will need

  • - Wi-Fi- network adapter
  • - a computer-
  • - Any device that supports the ability to connect to the Internet.



Buy network adapter Wi-Fi, if your computer orlaptop does not have built-in equipment. The absence of the adapter is possible if the office was released sufficient time ago, when Wi-Fi standards were not yet widespread. The AC adapter can be presented in various versions - from the removable hardware that plugs into the PCMCIA slot or USB-port is output to the high-speed connection. Also available in the device is inserted into the card slot. Before buying is to ensure the compatibility of hardware and software that will be a kind of guarantee of reliability connection through Wi-Fi. There are different routers that use multiple versions of the standards, the most popular - 802.11g, these devices are recognized by consumers as the fastest and most reliable. A router is required to connect different equipment to each other and to connect to the Internet.


Make sure you have at least one pointand a customer access. The access point transmits signals through special SSID, an identifier, and the client detects data and determines whether the connection. Typically, SSID is the name of the manufacturer. Ability to connect devices to the network at the distance depends on the power of the router, some of the devices broadcast on 30 meters in diameter, but the quality of the signal may interfere with normal wall or door.


Security is a new routerIt has a well-known parameters, so after the acquisition of the device you want to change the settings to access the connection was limited to users, which is broadcast.

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