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AS made the Russian clubs in the Champions League 2014-2014

How were the Russian clubs in the Champions League 2014-2014

Tenth in December 2014 ended the group stage the next UEFA Champions League draw.

In the season 2014-2015, in the main European club football tournament was attended by two Russian club.

Many in the Champions League 2014-2015We expect from the St. Petersburg "Zenith". In August piterburzhtsy learned their opponents in the group, which became the German "Bayer", the Portuguese "Benfica" and French "Monaco". Some experts predicted the "Zenith" out of the group. However, the reality turned out wrong. After six rounds of "Zenith" was able to score only 7 points, which determined only the third place in Group C. This allowed the Russian club to stay in the spring stage of the European cup, but participate in the UEFA Europa League can not be regarded as a decent team result. From the "Zenith" is clearly expected more.

As a result, the "Zenith" beat only "Benfica" (2-0, 1-0). There were a neutral result in St. Petersburg with the "Monaco" (0-0) and three defeats, two of the "Bayer" (1-2, 0-2) and from the "Monaco" (0-2).

The second Russian club participating in theUEFA Champions League 2014-2015 was CSKA Moscow. CSKA went to the "group of death", which played the "Bavaria", "Manchester City" and "Roma". Objectively, German, Italian and English club were stronger. However, CSKA were able to dial a group of 5 points. However, it did not help to rank higher in the latter group E.

We should also highlight the successful game CSKAagainst the "Manchester City". CSKA won 2-1 away and 2-2 at home played. Another draw CSKA issued in the home match with the "Roma" (1-1). The other three games were played: "Roma" (1-5), and "Bavaria" (0-1 and 0-3).

The final result is not allowed to rely on the army team performance in the European Cup next spring.

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