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HOW welcome guests Kazakhs

As welcome guests Kazakhs

The Kazakh people can not be imagined without the traditional hospitality for them.

Even the worst enemy, who appeared in guests with peaceful intentions, will be adopted with all due respect and honor.

Quivering meeting guests Kazakhs absorbed with mother's milk, and is transmitted from generation to generation.



Kazakh hospitality law prescribesto give guests the best there is in the house. His attempt to feed well and please him in every way, to receive his blessing, because the hospitality of the people considered to be at a sacred duty. And meet with honor not only our guests, but also strangers. Even if a person came to the house to another family, relatives and all the neighbors will also be waiting for him on a visit to the most delicious treat that they have. And the guest can not refuse a meal, so as not to show disrespect, he should at least have a piece of bread.


Any visitor to Kazakhs - the event. This attitude was formed several centuries ago, when the travelers at the table with refreshments shared news and news from other places. In ancient times, anyone entering the country in the Kazakh village, be sure to meet an elderly woman and respected by all. She handed him a bowl of one of the traditional drinks - milk, mare's milk, or ayran. Similarly, the inhabitants of the village expressed their respect for the guest, wished a happy and successful road.


As well as a few centuries ago, today Kazakhsgreeted their guests with pleasure and a great honor. Arriving seated for dastarkhan - a short, Kazakh table. If the guest is warned in advance of his visit, he arrives at the table will already be the best treat - beshbarmak kuerdak, ak-sorpa or Kazakh manti meat and pumpkin. And if a guest suddenly appeared, he also escorted to the table, they serve tea, ayran or mare's milk until the hostess quickly prepares the most delicious dishes. Guests Kazakhs offered all the food that is in the house, even if they run the risk then stay hungry.


However tasty treats hospitality of Kazakhsends. After the meal, guests will be offered to relax, and if he goes back on the road, it will collect sarket - treat. His travel bag as possible nabyut all sorts of dishes, that he had something to eat along the way and treat people counter. As a rule, people who were in a party of the Kazakhs, a long time remember the generosity of the hospitality of the people.

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