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How Kazakh guests greeted guests


How Kazakh guests greeted guests</a>

The Kazakh people can not be imagined without traditional hospitality.

Even the fierce enemy, who came to visit with peaceful intentions, will be received with all respect and honor.

A tremulous meeting of guests is absorbed by the Kazakhs with the milk of their mothers and is passed on from generation to generation.



The law of Kazakh hospitality prescribesGive the guest the best that is in the house. They try to feed him well and please him in every possible way to receive his blessing, because hospitality is considered a sacred duty for these people. And they meet with respect not only their guests, but also strangers. Even if a person has come to the house to another family, relatives and all neighbors will also be waiting for him to visit to taste the most delicious that they have. And the guest can not refuse to eat, so as not to show disrespect, he should at least bite off a piece of bread.


Any guest for an Kazakh is an event. This attitude was formed several centuries ago, when travelers at a table with meals shared news and news from other places. In ancient times, anyone who entered the Kazakh aul was met with an elderly and respected woman. She served him a bowl with one of the traditional drinks - milk, koumiss or ayran. Similarly, the inhabitants of the village expressed their respect to the guest, they wished for a successful and happy journey.


Like several centuries ago, today KazakhsWelcome their guests with joy and great honor. Arriving people sit down for a dastarkhan - a low Kazakh table. If the guest has previously warned about his visit, his arrival on the table will already be the best treats - beshbarmak, kuerdak, ak-sorpa or Kazakh manty of meat and pumpkin. And if the guest appeared unexpectedly, he is also escorted to the table, treated with tea, ayran or kumiss, while the hostess quickly prepares the most delicious dishes. Guests of Kazakhs will be offered all the food that is in the house, even if they themselves risk to then remain hungry.


However, on a delicious treat, Kazakh hospitalityDoes not end. After the meal, the guest will be asked to rest, and if he again goes on the road, they will gather him a sarque - a treat. His travel bag, if possible, will be packed with all sorts of food, so that he has something to eat in the way and treat the people he meets. As a rule, people who have been visiting Kazakhs for a long time still remember the generosity of this hospitable people.

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