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How many coins weigh

A heavy purse with lots of coins in ancientTimes can be assessed only by its weight, because each coin had just enough grams how much the denomination meant and put in one bag Different coin was not accepted.

Today everything has changed, the coin of the same denomination may have a different weight.

All coins have modern appliancesdifferent weight characteristics. In addition, over time the material of which the coins are made, it tends to abrade or, conversely, "cluttered" undesirable bloom and dirt, and therefore the metal becomes totally different parameters to those which have been characterized at the exit from the conveyor.

The difference in weight

Interestingly, the weight of the modern Russian coinsand may vary by such factors as belonging to the jubilee of money, the availability of a smooth or toothed edges and so forth. So, pyatidesyatikopeechnye coins with different types of edges have a deviation of about 0.12 grams with an increase toward toothed edges and weigh, respectively, 2.8, or 2.92 grams.

Coins of the same denomination issued in different years can be significant differences in this indicator.

Picking up two different ten-coin,You can without any special instruments to determine what weight characteristics of these coins are different in favor of very limited commemorative money. This difference is approximately 2.55 grams, respectively, the weight varies from 5.65 to 8.20 grams.
The difference between the smallest Russian yetRunning coin - penny, and the largest, with par value of 10 rubles is approximately four grams. Their weight on average data does not exceed 1.47 and 5 grams of 65 respectively.
Nickels, according to official dataIt should weigh 2.6 grams, pyatidesyatikopeechnaya - 2.9 ruble - 3.25. In fact, these coins may have weight characteristics somewhat different from the accepted norms.

With the growth of nominal grow and weights of coins, minted since the Mint 5 rubles weighing more than six grams.

weight limit

There are certain limits of weighttolerance, the ability to determine the deviation of the characteristics of the coins in one direction or another. The more the country is developed coinage technology, the less is the parameter, and the coins are different from the set parameters in the smaller side, called lightweight, a large, respectively - ponderous.
Furthermore, it should be noted that even in a liveMemory Soviet coins were the standard-definition and standard of performance, for example, one Soviet penny was a weight equal to one gram, kopeck piece - 2 grams, and so on up to five cents, which clearly betrayed when weighing the number 5 and no more or less than a gram.

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