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AS weave pots on the hoop

How to weave pots on the hoop

If you have a lot of lying around the old jersey, do not rush to throw it.

I suggest you use it in an unusual way - to weave from his pots for flowers.

You will need

  • - Knitted pryazha-
  • - A plastic hoop 65 santimetrov- diameter
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Hook №8.



First you need to make a foundation for the futurepots. From knitted fabric cut into 5 strips of length 1.3 meters. Then take one of the yarns obtained, fold it in half. Then perekin'te thread through the hoop and make a loop through which to push the ends of knitting yarn - so it is secured. The remaining free tips you need to fasten on the opposite side. So, do all the segments of tissue. As a result, all the threads should cross in the center of hulahupa.


From knitted cut strip, the length of whichis exactly 1 meter. Secure it to the hoop, pull to the center, and then tie it all central thread. You can start braiding. A warp knitted need to push through the strip from above, from below, that is staggered. When you have finished weaving a row, tighten the weaving to the center. Remember that the first 5 laps certainly need to weave tight. As soon as you make them, loosen the weave.


When you weave on the hoop about 60 rows,you need to bind a few warp threads, otherwise the product will be loose and unstable. Therefore, from knitwear to be cut 5 more strips of a length of 80 centimeters. Lock them in the same way as the first, just a little bit the other way around: first for weaving, and then for the hoop. You can continue to weave. Number of rows will depend on the size of future pots.


After weaving the warp need to decouple from hulahupa, then associate nodes with one another in pairs. Those ends are left, just hide in the yarn.


It remains to make a suspension for the planters. To this end, the hook should link multiple chains of aerial loops of the desired length. The receiving end of the chains tighten as follows: slip the interplay between them is 20 rows, and then tie the strands of the basics. Planters ready!

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