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HOW weave belt

How to weave belt

Belt - an accessory that can completely change the look of your outfit.

Braided belts complement the outfit in kezhual style, perfect for jeans, dresses or light skirt to the floor.

You will need

  • For weaving fashion belt:
  • - 10 meters of linen shnura-
  • - pryazhka-
  • - provoloka-
  • - ploskogubtsy-
  • - Glue "Moment" -
  • - Scotch.
  • For weaving belt in hippie style:
  • - 2 m of linen shnura-
  • - 2 slices zamshi-
  • - Large beads and gayki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Transparent glue "Moment".
  • For weaving belt in a marine style:
  • - 6 m shnura-
  • - igolka-
  • - nitki-
  • - A simple clasp.



Fashionable belt

Pick clothesline cord weave belt. It should not be too thick. Suitable synthetic cord with a diameter of about 0.3-0.5 cm. Very beautiful and fashionable look belts woven from ropes of bright neon colors. Also, you will need a spectacular buckle. It can be purchased at a fabric store.


Linen cord cut into 9 equal parts. Put them next to each other on a flat surface such as a table, and attach the upper part of the tape to the table.


All the rope into 3 equal parts. It will turn 3 in each. Start weave braid common not too tight. Thus, the weave to a value equal to the circumference of your waist.


The lower edge of the belt fasten tight wire. Edge cord oplavte with a lighter and put on the tips of the little "Moment" transparent adhesive. Peel off the adhesive tape. Similarly, the second side of the belt wrap wire and apply glue on the tips.


To attach the wire spectacular buckle. Instead, it is possible to fasten a brooch. Fashionable belt ready.


The belt in hippie style

Pick a thick cord of natural shade,several large wooden beads, a pair of big nuts golden hue. Cut two rectangles of equal suede. Draw them equal strips, short of about 1 cm to the edge. Carefully cut along the marked lines of the fringe.


At a distance of about 10-15 cm from each edgetie one simple knot, then nanizhite wooden beads and one nut. Prepared fringe suede wrap tightly around the tip of the belt. Brush the edges with glue "Moment" and glue them. Nut put on the fringe and lock the glue drop. When it is completely dry, the belt in hippie style can be worn.


Belt in marine style

To do this, cut the belt cord natural color into 6 parts, a length of about 1 m each. Put them together and tie in the middle of a beautiful knot in macrame technique.


Try on the belt and cut the excess length of the ropes. Pull on the tips of a simple clasp. Fold the cords on the wrong side and sew them by hand thread to match the belt.

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