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How to weave a belt


How to weave a belt</a>

The Belt is an accessory that can completely change the look of your outfit.

Woven belts complement the dress in the style of kizhual, perfectly fit to the jeans, dress or light skirt in the floor.

You will need

  • For weaving the fashion belt:
  • - 10 m of the laundry cord-
  • - buckle-
  • - wire-
  • - pliers-
  • - glue "Moment" -
  • - Scotch tape.
  • For weaving belts in the style of hippies:
  • - 2 m of the laundry string-
  • - 2 pieces of suede
  • - large beads and nuts-
  • - scissors-
  • - Clear glue "Moment".
  • For weaving a belt in a marine style:
  • - 6 m cord-
  • - Needle-
  • - thread-
  • - simple clasp.



Fashionable Belt

Pick up the underwear cord for weaving the belt. It should not be too thick. A synthetic cord with a diameter of about 0.3-0.5 cm is suitable. Very beautiful and fashionable look belts, woven from a rope of bright neon colors. You will also need a spectacular buckle. It can be purchased at a tissue store.


Cut the laundry cord into 9 equal parts. Fold them next to each other on a flat surface, for example on a table, and attach the upper part with adhesive tape to the table.


Divide all the strings into 3 equal parts. It turns out 3 each. Begin to weave ordinary pigtail is not too tight. Thus, weave to a value equal to the girth of your waist.


The bottom edge of the belt is tightened with a wire. Cut the edges of the cord with a lighter and apply a little bit of transparent glue "Moment" to the tips. Unpick the adhesive tape. Similarly, wrap the other side of the belt with a wire and apply glue to the tips.


Attach a spectacular buckle to the wire. Instead, you can fasten a brooch. Fashion belt is ready.


Hippie-style belt

Choose a thick cord of natural shade,Several large wooden beads, a pair of large nuts of a golden hue. Cut 2 equal rectangles of suede. Draw on them equal strips, not reaching about 1 cm to the edge. Carefully cut the fringes along the marked lines.


At a distance of about 10-15 cm from each edgeTie one simple knot one by one, then string wooden beads and one nut. Prepared fringe from suede tightly wrap around the tip of the belt. Lubricate the edges with glue "Moment" and glue them. Place the nut on the fringe and fix it with a drop of glue. When it is completely dry, a hippie-style belt can be worn.


Maritime style belt

For this belt, cut the cord of natural shade into 6 parts, about 1 m long each. Fold them together and in the middle tie a beautiful knot in the technique of macrame.


Try on the belt and cut off the excess length of the ropes. Put a simple clasp on the ends. Unbend the cords on the wrong side and sew them manually with thread in the tone of the belt.

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