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How to water the house flowers with boiled water


How to water the house flowers with boiled water</a>

Breeding house plants is akin to art.

Picky flowers require increased attention and almost human care.

They need not only regular watering, but, as the florists assert, even communication.

Water procedures for indoor plants are vital, watering the root part is not enough, in a dry house air flowers need to be sprayed and regularly update the water in pallets.
It is recommended to water the plants already settledWater, as in tap water contains a lot of chemical compounds and metal salts. Water "from the tap" has also pollution, for example, manganese and iron, the human body has learned to cope with them, but some plants accumulate these chemicals and die from their imbalance. To optimize the exchange processes and enrich the soil mixture, it is recommended to water flowers not only with tap water, but also with boiled and tea brew.

Welding rules

Welding is an optimal solution in situations where it is not possible to buy mineral resources for soil enrichment. Water the flowers only with that tea leaves, which is welded weakly, and not hard.

In no case do not use tea leaves with added sugar and remember that the frequency of watering it should be about one or two times in two weeks.

Welding is beneficial for such types of indoor flowers as geraniums, violets, they grow quickly, and they constantly need useful recharge.

Minuses of watering by welding

Steamed tea has active, often live, organisms. That is why, in the cold season, the flower soil, poured by tea leaves, begins to mold, small bugs begin to fly above it.
Remember also that modern brands of tea contain a large number of dyes, non-natural components, and they are a harmful additive to the ground.
By and large, the method of brewing is considered obsolete, it was used when it was not possible to purchase selective mixtures for watering plants and enriching the soil.

Rules for watering with clean boiled water

Boiled water, of course, is poorer in trace elements, but it is much softer than tap water due to the precipitation of heavy salts.
However, even the softness of water should be an argument in favor of boiling it, and its temperature. Warm boiled water perfectly stimulates the growth of flowers and activates metabolic processes.
The rules of watering are simple: Water should be cooled to a temperature of 4-6 ° C, drained, leaving a pellet on the bottom of the pan, then pour water into the root zone of the flower, as is usually done, but in the pan. The root system will itself absorb the moisture in the volume it needs, while there is no oversaturation of the soil and the formation of cracks on the surface of the earth.

Obviously, such watering with boiled water is not suitable for flowers with weak roots.

It is not necessary to pour room flowers every day, too much moist soil plants will not be transported, but dry, hardwood should not be, determine if you need watering, touching the ground with your hand.

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