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HOW watering potted plants boiled water

How to water indoor plants boiled water

Breeding houseplants like art.

Fastidious flowers require special attention and care about human.

They need not only regular watering, but as growers argue even chat.

Water treatments for indoor plants are vital, watering basal part insufficient in dry air at home need to spray the flowers and regularly update the water in the trays.
It is recommended to water the plants already supernatantwater as tap water contains a lot of chemical compounds and metal salts. The water "tap" and pollution is, for example, manganese and iron, the human body has learned to deal with them, but some plants accumulate these chemicals and die from their imbalance. To optimize the metabolic processes and the enrichment pochvosmesi recommended to water the flowers are not only tap water, and boiled, and tea brewing.

Rules watering brew

Welding - optimal way in those situations when it is not possible to buy mineral means to enrich the soil. Water the flowers only of the welding which is brewed weak, not strong.

In no case do not use the tea leaves with the addition of sugar and keep in mind that the frequency of watering it should be about once or twice every two weeks.

Welding is good for this type of indoor plants like geraniums, violets, they grow quickly, and they constantly need replenishment useful.

Cons watering brew

Steamed tea has the active, often living organisms. That is why during the cold season flower earth poured brew starts to mold, begin to fly over her tiny midges.
Remember, and that in today's tea brands contained a large number of dyes, non-natural components, and they are harmful to the addition of the ground.
By and large, the method of pouring tea leaves is considered obsolete, it was used when it was not possible to acquire selective mixture for watering plants and soil enrichment.

Rules watering clean boiled water

Boiled water is certainly more poor in minerals, but it is much softer than water due to heavy precipitation of salts.
However, even soft water should be an argument in favor of its boiling and its temperature. Warm boiled water colors perfectly stimulates growth and activates metabolic processes.
watering rules are simple: water should be cool to the temperature in 4-6oS, drain, leaving the bottom of the pot residue and then pour in the water or in the root zone of the flower, as is usually done, and in the pan. The root system will absorb the moisture in the extent to which the needs, it does not happen over-saturation of the soil and the formation of cracks on the surface.

Obviously, this watering boiled water is not suitable for flowers with weak roots.

It is not necessary to fill every day of indoor plants, too wet soil plants simply will not transfer, but also the dry, brutal land should not be to determine if watering, touching a hand to the ground is needed.

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