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HOW watering houseplants tea brewing

How to water houseplants tea brewing

Flowers - beautiful decoration of any home.

They make the interior of freshness and lightness, fill the air with fragrance, helps to create a cozy atmosphere.

To houseplants pleasing to the eye, do not neglect the various fertilizers.

About improvised fertilizer soil

In recent years, against the background of the popularity of all natural: food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, natural improvised ways to fertilize the soil became particularly relevant.
Many people use as a feeding ground houseplants sleeps coffee, egg shells and even the tea brew. But is it useful for indoor plants? And how to use it?

How to fertilize the soil of tea

Tea leaves, no matter what the tea -green, black or herbal, able to make the soil more friable and "air". It is perfectly neutralize alkaline soils, restoring the required level of acidity.

Tea leaves has been used successfully not only the growers to fertilize the soil of indoor plants, but also on the plot.

But there are some nuances of this methodcare of flowers. In the presence of the soil small black flies or fungus gnats and their larvae, tea watering dramatically speeds up the process of reproduction. Using stale, sleep or even permanently tea for watering plants provokes the development and growth of a vast number of bacteria. In this case the fertilizer instead of good cause substantial harm and can cause death of the flower.
Therefore, be sure to use for irrigationfreshly brewed tea without sugar at room temperature. Do not pour the plants, stick to the same watering regime brew that water. It was found that, subject to these nuances because of this organic fertilizer plants begin to grow faster.
There is another way of soil fertilizer tea. Before planting a flower in bowl flower ground or soil is thoroughly mixed with dry tea brewing, and then into the prepared part of the plant is planted. Another option is the use of tea when transplanting plants - putting some sleeping welding on a layer of expanded clay. Above is poured soil and planted it in a flower.

500 grams of tea leaves per 1 square meter of soil contribute to fertilize the soil before sowing seeds.

Some growers stirred littlenumber of sleeping tea with topsoil in the pot with a flower. This moisture is retained longer in the soil, and the plants have to be watered twice as frequently.
Do not forget that in all important measure. Too much of any fertilizer is also dangerous, as well as the lack of them.

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