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HOW wash whitewash from the ceiling

How to wash whitewash from the ceiling

Repair - troublesome. Usually it starts with the ceiling.

To the ceiling looked pretty new, you need to take care of his pre-cleaning.



To start with an oilcloth cover the floor of the roomand newspapers. Then proceed to wash the ceiling of the old lime. To do this you need a bucket of warm water and a foam roller with a long handle. Soak roll in water and slide it across the ceiling, repeat the procedure. Try not to skip portions of the ceiling, or the new Lime spots lie. The water in the bucket needs to be changed as often as possible.


If the ceiling appear the rusty spots (oftenall they are, if the building fittings passes too close to the ceiling coverings), then they should be removed. Wash problem areas with warm water and then apply on the spot bluestone. Its bred as follows: in 1 liter of hot water diluted with 1 tablespoon of vitriol. To prepare the enameled ware only need to use the solution. At work do not neglect safety precautions because it is a toxic drug. Most ventilate the room.


If the ceiling is much blackened, it is possible to use a 2-3% solution of hydrochloric acid to clean it. When working with such substances, be careful - using special glasses and protective masks.


When a ceiling grease stains can be washed off with caustic soda or warm water and ordinary soap.


If you have a vacuum cleaner, which works on bothfor intake and blow-out, you can get rid of the old whitewash with it. Place the unit in the blowing mode, and special nozzle, spray evenly on the ceiling of the water. After that, you must wait for 3-5 minutes so that the water absorbed. Then take a scraper and begin to scrape the old paint. After that, the ceiling should be washed with hot water roller - as described above.


On sale there are also special solutions for quick removal of lime, as well as primers, which are applied to the old whitewash, then the ceiling can be coated with paint.

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