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How to wash the printheads printer

Ink-jet printers, unlike laser haveOne awkward feature - after a long, if you do not use the printer for some time, its printheads dry up, the device stops functioning.

Do not immediately throw away the printer - dried printheads can be washed in the service center or by hand at home.



To rinse head printer, you can purchase at a hardware storeglass cleaner containing ammonia. Also, you will need to clean distilled water, which can be purchased at the pharmacy or get after defrosting the fridge and simple medical cotton wool.


Take the washed and dry plastic mold,a plastic bag with a lock or a plastic cover for the mold. In addition, you'll need disposable syringes with needles of 10-20 ml and household wipes.


remove the print head carriage printerclean it from the old ink, blotting her absorbent cloth or toilet paper. I soak the nozzle heads as long as on a napkin will not remain traces of ink. Take a new cloth and soak in the washing liquid for glass.


Gently, without pressing, wipe the surface of the print headWithout affecting the cost of electrical contacts. Dial the washing liquid into the syringe and needle through the hole on the short distance flush space with the remaining traces of ink. Again pat head cloth. If the head has a removable cartridge, close the fence fitting medical cotton and generously spray it in the washing liquid.


The print head nozzles put down into a plastic mold and pour the warm wash liquid. The liquid should be a few millimeters above the nozzle level head. Close the mold tight cover or close the plastic bag.


A day later, open the form, remove the print head and repeat the above procedure, and then re-place head per day in the fluid. Check the printheads willingness to work with a cloth - if on a napkin is not ink, so you clean the print head.


Type clean washing liquid into the syringe andfinally wash head from dirt and dust. Blot nozzles cloth, remove the cotton wool with tapping sockets and pat them. Gently wipe the printhead and dry her hair dryer. Half an hour later refill the cartridge and push the crown into place in the printer.

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