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Proper care of the furnishings will extend its life and to achieve a flawless appearance, which undoubtedly will please the mistress of the house and call the delight of the guests.

To wash cabinet and not to spoil the cover, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules, and it will shine with cleanliness.



Remove the dust with a lacquered or polished cupboardbut you need a piece of soft plush, flannel, velvet orspecial polishing cloth. Avoid using wet rags, because moisture promotes the loss of the original varnish gloss can also peel off the lining material.


Wipe polished cupboard soft cloth, pre-moistened with milk, then a woolen cloth or velvet. Verified cleaner polished cupboards also a broken tea. Strain it and separating the tea leaves, wrap them in a soft cloth. Rub this pad surface cupboardand then wipe with a soft cloth.


To a polished cupboardand remove the stains, you can use a mixture ofvegetable oil and salt. Apply the resulting mixture directly on the stain and soak 2 - 3 hours, then wipe off the mixture and rub with a woolen cloth. Also stains on the painted or varnished cupboardat the output, rubbing cupboard a piece of cloth dipped in a solution of ammonia and water (1: 6). Purified place washed with clean water and wipe dry with a cloth.


Remember, painted with oil paint and lacquer cupboards can not be washed with detergent and soap as paint can turn yellow and crack. Refresh cupboard with such a coating is possible by wiping it with a cloth soaked in kerosene, and polish a woolen cloth.


To remove a lacquered cupboardand water stains, heat a little vegetableoil and add a small amount of crushed wax. Heat the oil until the wax melts. When the mixture has cooled slightly, spread it on the spot cupboardin linen rag and rub until their disappearance. Or, apply a small amount of flour stains, and then wipe them with a cloth soaked in lubricating oil until the spots will go.

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